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12 Year Old New York Boy Is Reaching Out To Kids Whose Parents Have Cancer (Click for PDF)

12 year old Alec Hemm is on a mission. It’s called the “Team Mommy” project.  The on line effort provides free recipes , an e-book and other resources for kids whose parents have Breast Cancer.  

Alec has had a front row seat when it comes to fighting and surviving Breast Cancer. His Mom Bridgette is a 8 year Breast Cancer survivor. Alec’s Dad, Chef Curtiss Hemm started an on line resource called Pink Ribbon Cooking, featuring recipes that are easy to make, packed with nutrition someone fighting Breast Cancer needs and can tolerate.

Alec is now also contributing by offering his own recipes that are kitchen safe, simple and healthy. He also is working on writing a book about dealing with a parent’s Cancer.

The Hemms’ will tell you, when Breast Cancer comes to dinner, it is a family affair.  And they want to share what they have learned with other Breast Cancer patients, survivors and their families.

For more information contact: 

Chef Curtiss Hemm

Founder | Pink Ribbon Cooking LLC