One of the hardest things to do is to tell your children that one of their parents has cancer.  When our son was three we had to explain to him that his mother had cancer and that she was going become sick, be tired a lot and that she will lose her hair.  

It was also important to share with him that his mother would not be fighting cancer alone, after all no one really does. 

Team Mommy ceiling tile circa 2005 at Fitzpatrick Cancer Center at CVPH Medical Center.

Team Mommy was introduced so he knew that every pink ribbon was a sign that someone loved and supported someone fighting cancer, just like his mother. 

What began as a simple way to express a complicated issue has become a mission.

Today Team Mommy™ is a free resource for all children touched by cancer.  It is a place where kids and teens can go to get recipes that are healthy, simple, kitchen safe and delicious.

As kids begin to cook they an  gain confidence and begin to see opportunity for some independence.  Along with this is the means to help support their family, even if that is simply taking care fo themselves for a meal or two.

We also think it is impotant to introduce healthy cooking as a basic life skill and self-responsibility.  As such over the next year we will be building out our recipes, adding some basic cooking instruction (designed for kids) and offering some helpful advice on how to navigate through these tough times.

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